Retail Management

Retail Management On-the-Job Training (OJT) Programme

It has various career opportunities for its students and on-the-job training courses with sponsorship programmes and allowances, which allow students to earn while they learn.


A.    Certificate in Retailing

Course duration: Two years (24 months), this certificate programme focuses on giving students a good foundation on the principles of retailing, and empowering them with professionalism and credibility in the competitive retailing industry.

B.    Diploma in Retail Management

This 3-year (36 months) diploma programme educates students with the importance of retail technology and operation management, with an emphasis on retail and franchise.


  •     Candidates must pass O-Levels with 3 Credits (for Diploma in Retail Management) and 1 Credit (for Certificate in Retailing), or any other equivalent qualifications recognised by the Malaysian Government.
  •     It is mandatory for candidates to submit a CV along with a video resume to apply for the Sponsorship Programme.


  •     OJT with allowance
  •     Recognised Certificate/Diploma upon completion of study
  •     Work experience plus experience certificate
  •     Promotion and better pay
  •     Future career opportunities in Malaysia and abroad


Allowances Scheme (Based on Student Qualification)


Degree Holder

Diploma/Vocational Holder

High School


First Year: RM1,000

Second Year: RM1,200

Upon Graduation (3rd Year extension is subject for visa approval)

Third year: RM1,300


First Year: RM800

Second Year: RM900

Upon Graduation (3rd Year extension is subject for visa approval)

Third year: RM1,000


First Year: RM700

Second Year: RM800

Upon Graduation (3rd Year extension is subject for visa approval)

Third year: RM900





i)    Submit the following:

a)    Application form
b)    Academic results (transcript and certificate/scroll)
c)    Latest CV
d)    4 passport-sized photographs with blue background
e)    Full body photograph
f)    Copy of passport (scanned in colour for all pages)
g)    Video resume (2-3 minutes)
In the video, candidates should:
•    Introduce themselves
•    Provide educational background
•    Inform any previous working experience
•    Express areas of interest
•    State their strengths and weaknesses
•    Explain how they know about the programme
•    Present themselves in smart clothing
•    Show keen interest towards the programme
This is to ensure candidates meet the required qualifications for the Sponsorship Programme. Upon approval, the college shall issue a Letter of Approval of Sponsorship Programme.
ii)    A sum of USD350 is to be paid to obtain the conditional offer letter.
iii)    Candidates are required to pay the enrolment fees of USD650 to process their registration and obtain a Visa Approval Letter (VAL) (within 4-8 weeks). Upon payment, an official offer letter shall be issued.
iv)    The balance of USD1000 and miscellaneous fees of USD500 shall be paid upon obtaining the VAL and before departure to Malaysia.
v)    Upon arrival, a security bond based on the country of origin shall be paid to the government of Malaysia. This is refundable upon completion of the course.





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