Aviation Course

The aim of this course is to provide opportunity for students who wish to be a private Pilot, commercial pilot or assistant Flight Instructor. who interesting on airline pilot training and aircraft engineering .

Minimum requirements

  •  Graduates fresh out of secondary school
  •  Overseas cadet pilots
  •  Adequate English

Airline Pilot Training

  • Basair Aviation College Australia

operate a fleet of over 50 aircraft, which is the third largest commercial fleet in Australia. Which has 44 high quality instructors, dedicated to training students to an excellent standard.

It has an excellent, structured competency based curriculum - which means students typically achieve a commercial pilot licence in 8 months. They teach both the theory and the practical aspects of flying.

If you want to become a pilot, either a Private Pilot License (PPL) for fun or a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) to kick-start your career then we are able to place for you.

Two campuses:

B - Bankstown, Sydney         C - Cessnock, Newcastle

  • Asian Institute of Aviation Philppines

The establishment of AIA has been realised to cater to the growing demands of aviation related professionals all through out the globe. The Curriculum meets the regulatory standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and (JAR) European Aviation Sagfety Agency (EASA).

  • HM Aerospace, Langkawi, Malaysia

Courses are catered for cadets from commercial airline companies as well as graduates fresh out of secondary school, overseas cadet pilots and adults who meet the qualiflying requirements. This course duration ranges from six (6) weeks to sixty five (65) weeks.

Aircraft Engineering

  • Aviation Australia

One of the world's leading providers of training for aircraft maintenance engineers, flight attendants and for English language. All Aviation Australia programs are designed with a balanced focus between knowledge, skills, values and experience.

In addition to graduating over 500 individual students each year from Certificate and Diploma programs they are also proud to provide training for over 60 airlines, aerospace companies, and defence forces from around the world.

  • TAECO Training Center China

This Training Center, with a versatile team of nearly 70 full-time instructors, supports and renders training capabilities in a multitude of training courses for aircraft types, basic license, practical skills, aviation English, human factors and other aviation maintenance courses.

Utilizing a comprehensive facility of \A1\B0standard practices\A1\B1 workshop and aircraft components\A3\ACincluding Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney engines, B747 landing gears, B747-400 airframe, fuel tank, and B747 simulator, the Center can therefore simulate the real aircraft maintenance environment for optimal training effects. The TAECO Training Center not only addresses civil aviation knowledge and maintenance skills, but also cultivates work attitude, professionalism and teamwork.

  • City of Bristol College UK

City of Bristol College is a leading provider of courses in aircraft maintenance.  one of the largest colleges in the country, and  aircraft maintenance engineering courses are highly regarded within the industry, both in the UK and overseas.

They have superb facilities, with planes on site and at a local airport; and highly experienced tutors have all worked within the aircraft industry. They have an excellent reputation for providing support for students, and offer an accommodation and welfare service.


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