Training Courses

Earn and Learn

This course provides a balance foundation leading to an vacational and academic pathway, hence developing the required knowledge and skills expected in today's demanding job market. Students joining this course will study multidiscipline knowledge and skills required for modern management in the global hospitality industry.


Fashion Design

sh4In this course you will discover ideas and creativity in the field of fashion design in a French school which is the first fashion school in the world. This program is a 3 year course includes 6 semesters. First year you will develop your fundamental skills which are helpful for next 2 years. Students will be more familiar with the following concepts:


Culinary and Bakery

sh3The culinary industry is turning up the heat and crafting many new opportunities worldwide. With chef taking center stage internationally, we invite you to study in a fast-paced and exciting field where the world is you very own oyster. Join us to learn how to express your creativity in creating mouth-watering, edible works of art.


Event Management

Events are always exciting.This Event Management programme will provide you with the specific knowledge and skills in managing various types of events such as religious, cultural, musical, sporting, corporate, leisure, political, personal and special. This programme is more hands-on than theoretical, and you will be more exposed to practical work and training in the real business of Event Management industry,mainly represented by event companies and institutions/associations.


Aviation Course

sh1The aim of this course is to provide opportunity for students who wish to be a private Pilot, commercial pilot or assistant Flight Instructor. who interesting on airline pilot training and aircraft engineering .

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