Jewellery Design

Designer jewellery usually means that the jewellery has been made by a very popular and well known person or business. Many people find trust in purchasing things such as jewellery from a professional designer, and have confidence that they are buying a finer quality of jewellery than they would find elsewhere. This makes designer jewellery very valuable. There are many designers who are considered to be very reputable, and by buying their pieces of designer jewellery, the customer can be assured that they are getting the highest value of jewellery available.

This program offered since 1990 in Singapore and currently operates across 13 countries in the Asia-Pacific region: Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand.


Advanced Diploma in Jewellery Design

• In collaboration with Raffles College of Higher Education Singapore
• Intakes: January, April, July & October
• Duration: 27 months, Full-time

Entry Requirements:

• Finished 3 years High School
• English Requirement: IELTS 5.0

Bachelor of Design

• Awarded by Raffles College Pty Ltd, trading as Raffles College of Design and Commerce
• Intakes: January, April, July & October
• Duration: 36 months

Entry Requirements:

• pre-university
• English Requirement: IELTS 6.0

Course Modules:

• Studio Practice I: Contemporary Jewellery Design
• Observational Drawing Skills
• 3D Conceptualisation
• Model Making
• Studio Practice II: Resin and Acrylic
Colour Analysis in 3D Design
• Digital Imaging
• Materials and Processes
• Studio Practice III: Metal and Wood
• Design Drafting and Rendering
• Computer Aided Design
• Studio Practice IV: Enamelling and Glass
• Solid Modelling
Jewellery Technology
• Studio Practice V: Silversmithing
• Studio Practice VI: Gem Analysis and Stone Setting
• Internship (Jewellery Design)


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