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sh8We are offering this program under the Scandinavian Art and Business Institute and Swiss Management University; Students receive a strong foundation of basic concepts and analytical techniques in accounting, finance, management, marketing, and communication. Further they understand the business situations within a broad context and use this knowledge to design rational and creative solutions.



Levels of study:

BBA (Bachelor of business administration)

The SABI BBA in collaboration with NetAcademy is a final-year top-up degree program that prepares individuals for careers in business and management. It is conducted and offered by the Scandinavian Art and Business Institute, Finland.

Assessment Methods

The assessment for the SABI BBA program is 100% by coursework for each of the ten modules described. In general the coursework shall consist of a 3,000 (+/- 10%) assignment which is to be submitted in a professional consultative report format.

Mode of Study – Teaching/Learning Strategy

The program is delivered modularly, i.e. one module over a 4-week period at a time through distance learning with web-based support. The entire program can be completed in 12 months. Contact and study hours shall be broken down as follows:

Delivery Mode





Web-based tutorials with facilitators





Net Tutor for assignment support





(virtual classroom / online workshop)








Pre-recorded tutorials





Group Presentation in Virtual Classroom





Interactive Self Study





Total Contact / Study Hours






In the spirit of blended and flexible e-learning, the onus of study rests with the student but will be comprehensively supported by NetAcademy with:

  • Electronic resources such as e-library, online tutorials and chats
  • Over 200 audio-visual files on various management titles compiled by NetAcademy
  • Latest Action Learning Seminar series materials by Harvard Business Publishing
  • Hard and soft copies of course materials, study guides, CD-ROM handouts.

Eligibility for the BBA Program shall be based on the following:

  • Advanced Diploma holders in Business or Management from a recognized institution.
  • Diploma holders above 28 years of age with minimum 3-5 years working experience at supervisory level.
  • Mature students above 30 years of age with a minimum of 5 years working experience
  • Prospective students who do not fulfill the above requirements may be accepted into the program on a case-by-case basis.

MBA (Master of Business administration)

SABI offers a Master of Business Administration degree preparing students for broader management responsibilities and for more specific assignments in business. Its goals are:

  • To develop understanding of the socio-cultural, economic and political environments in order to reach a professional perspective beyond present responsibilities.
  • To foster the ability to identify problems, obtain relevant data, design and evaluate alternative approaches, and implement the best choice.
  • To set up a basis for dealing effectively with others; to become aware of recent developments in behavioral sciences.
  • To obtain an interdisciplinary understanding of fundamental concepts and principles from the various business disciplines.

DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) by research

The main task of a research student is to undertake independent research of a chosen topic, working closely with a supervisor who guides and advises throughout the period of research. At the end of the period of study the results of the research are embodied in a thesis which is examined by a viva voce examination, when a candidate is required to defend his or her thesis.

Research Interests

We can offer Supervision for DBA particularly in the area of your interest.

Why undertake a Higher Degree by Research:

  • To enhance your Career Prospects (even if your research is not directly related to your job, employers will frequently look favorably on someone who has taken up this challenge;
  • To gain Intellectual Stimulation;
  • To develop further your Analytical Skills;
  • To pursue an Area of Interest in greater depth

Choosing Your Research Topic

The university does not define the topic of the intended research. You should make a Proposal indicating the area of research in which you are interested, and consideration is then given to whether or not the Institute is able to offer supervision in that specific area.

  • Notice : duration of all levels is 1 year
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