About us

study abroad

was established by a group of individuals who have worked in various capacities in the higher education industry. The founding members each have more than 25 years of combined experience as lecturer, counsellor, manager and entrepreneur.

EDU-FRONT was originally founded to promote education opportunities in Malaysia to international students. These countries include Iran, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Brunei as well as other Asian, African and Middle-Eastern countries. We have worked directly as well as in partnership with existing education consultants in more than 30 countries to promote education opportunities in Malaysia.

EDU-FRONT, at present, represents a number Malaysian as well as international educational institutions to enable students to pursue education and training in their respective fields of interest in these countries. We place importance on uniqueness of courses offered, affordability, quality, student experience and employability. We are careful not to have too many institutions providing similar courses from the same country as it might lead to confusion among students and parents.

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