Multimedia University (MMU) - About

 Multimedia University (MMU) is Malaysia's first private university. It has two campuses: one in Cyberjaya and one in Melaka. The Melaka campus was set up in 1997 and is located in the Ayer Keroh district, the setting up of the campus involved converting an old building belonging to the Telekom Malaysia Berhad's southern region office.

Its Cyberjaya campus opened in Malaysia's first intelligent city, Cyberjaya, on 8 July 1999. Within the first five years of its founding, the university's student population grew beyond 10,000. The university is a member of LAOTSE, an international network of leading universities in Europe and Asia. Cyberjaya campus opened in Malaysia's first intelligent city of Cyberjaya, on 8 July 1999. This campus was the brainchild of the country's fourth Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, as a center of learning and research for the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC), a 750 km² area designated as the country's high-tech research and industrial area. The relationship between the campus and the MSC is intended to be similar to the relationship Stanford University shares with the Silicon Valley. Later, he requested the management to change the name of Universiti Telekom to Multimedia University.

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