BINARY - Prices

Program and Fees                                                           RM

BA (Hons) in Business Management


BA (Hons) in Marketing


BSc (Hons) in International Tourism and Hospitality Management


Diploma in Business Administration


Diploma in Marketing


Foundation in Arts Specializing in Business


BA (Hons) In Entrepreneurship


Advance Diploma in Entrepreneurship


Diploma in Entrepreneurship


Advanced certificate in Entrepreneurship


Advanced certificate in Technopreneurship


BA (Hons) in Accounting


BA (Hons) in Management Accounting


BA (Hons) in Finance


Diploma in Accounting


Foundation in Art Specializing Accounting


Diploma in Information Technology


Foundation in Arts Specializing in IT


BSc (Hons) In Computer Scinece


BSc (Hons) in Management of Technology


Diploma in Information Technology


Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)


PhD (Management)


PhD (IT)


Master of Business Administration (MBA)


MSc in Information Technology Management


MSc Information Technology - by Research


MSc Social Entrepreneurship - by Research


MSc Business Entrepreneurship - by Research


MSc Computer Science - by Research


MSc in Management - by Research


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